Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Fire up the Rockets

Saturday night saw New Loud Rockets and Fire Through The Window rock out Zula Bar in Long Street, Cape Town.

The evening started like any other at Zula Bar. The pre-band, background music was awful, but the vibe was expectant.

The bands were excited and busy. As things got under way, Fire through the Window warmed the jam packed Zula Bar venue. Sweat poured as people squished closer to one another in the hope of getting just a little nearer the front. They played a tight set musically. Between songs they were at a bit of a loss at what to do. They spoke to the crowd in muffled (too close to the mic) tones and cracked private jokes on stage. They were a good warm up for what was to come from Cape Town’s fondest children.

New Loud Rockets burst on stage with two new songs (Thank God!!). The first was an instrumental “Kidofdoom” type mix. Fantastic! Then, there was a new song with lyrics which is called Curtis. It pretty much kicked! We danced. Things continued the usual, awesome NLR way as they threw out all the classics. It might be safe to say that fans know Bleeding in a Cab better than John Seth does.

For more NLR check them out in Stellenbosch. They will be playing on Thursday night at The Mystic Boer. Go and support. Its well worth the trip and the entrance!

But!! What ever you do, don't play foosball with Stephen!

See you around….

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