Monday, June 2, 2008

Freshlyground stand against Xenophobia!

Friday night was one of the happiest gigging nights on Cape Town’s music calendar. Thanks to Zolani, Kyla and the boys who rocked out (or kwaitoed out/popped out/afro-fussioned out?) The Assembly this weekend, loads of chilly Cape Townians came down for a jol with a good cause. Freshlyground decided that all the proceeds from the gig would go to the fight against Xenophobia in South Africa. Zolani apologised over and over again for the way the Africans were treating the foreigners.

It was obvious that Cape Town appreciated this sentiment. Cape Town were getting down. The crowd was diverse; hippies, old folk, youngsters and even the odd indie kid who didn’t get the memo.

Freshlyground, arguably South Africa’s most well recognised band, couldn’t have asked for a better reception. It was huge, but intimate. In the words of the designer, Carly Morgan Ledward, “If you close your eyes, you feel like you are in a shibeen.”

This oversized shibeen was transformed (once again) for this gig. The conventional big stage was sacrificed for a stage against the wall on the left, creating a long hall effect, lined with Red Cross banners and flags. It worked, although (it must be said,) the sound wasn’t at its greatest.

But, big up to The Assembly for hosting one of the most enjoyable nights since Sovereign Academy.

Well done for supporting a good cause Cape Town

[Photographs from Freshlyground]

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